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How It Works

the particles of pigment that make up tattoo ink are too large for the body to breakdown, hence its permanency. The lasers work by producing an ultra fast pulse of light energy which shatters theses large ink particles into smaller particles so that the body can remove them through natural elimination process.

After the trestment the body begins to attack the smaller ink particles of pigment and the tattoo begins to fade over the next few weeks, once the body has removed the ink particles it is able to have another treatment. This treatment is repeated until the tattoo has faded sufficiently for a replacement piece or until the tattoo has completly gone.

The amount of treatments required varies significantly from person to person depending on their own metabolism and the type/colour of ink. However the first few weeks provide the most reduction and the darker the ink is the easiest it is to remove, the trestment is extremley fast and completly tolerable without anaesthetic.

Before Treatment


Just After Treatment


A While After Treatment